Johnson, a talented industry veteran, performs some amazing wizardry with the sound coming through your headphones.

-The Orange County Register

...there's something uniquely sensual about the immersion experience of James Johnson's EXP3D sound system...


There are there bells and whistles ringing through the Montalban from Tommy's pinball machines in the remarkable state-of-the-art hi-def EXP3D, an all-new sound system that stereophonically encompasses its audience members as each seat comes equipped with its own set of headphones. Unlike the conventional headphone experience, where the soundscape is a straight line between the wearer's ears, EXP3D Sound offers a personal aural experience that personifies the term "bells and whistles."

-Entertainment Today

Listening to him, we get the music. From him, we feel the story. That deaf, dumb, blind kid is back, and his hit list -- "I'm Free," "Pinball Wizard" and the sublime "See Me, Feel Me" -- sounds better than ever.

-Los Angeles Times

An industrial cast and staging fuels an exhilarating "Tommy" with energy, power and Bose headphones... The Bose headphones, hot-wired to every set, deliver a rich, comfortable and spatially expanded sonic experience.

-Hollywood Reporter

I love all of it. It's what Jimi always wanted.

-Al Hendrix